Who Are We?

Pet to Nature Indonesia, the first pet bio-cremation service in Indonesia, is here to give the last respect it deserves to your beloved pet. We understand that pets are not just ordinary animals, but family members who are loved sincerely. Therefore, we present a more special and meaningful solution for seeing off pets.

We provide bio-cremation services with a very environmentally friendly water-based Aquamation process. This process involves the use of water and natural ingredients, so it’s not only comfortable and safe for pets, but also very environmentally friendly. After a gentle bio-cremation process, pet owners may choose to place the pet’s ashes in a plant vase as a memory for the beloved pet.

The First Animal Bio-Cremation Center (Aquamation) in Indonesia.

It’s time to pay the last respects your loyal friend deserves. We are here with new options that are more meaningful and environmentally friendly to bring your pets back to nature.

Why Choose Us?

1 x 24 Hour Pick Up

Free Pick Up is available from 09.00-21.00 and within a range of 40 km. Outside these hours and above the range of 40 km an additional fee will be charged.


We use a Bio-Cremation machine with alkaline water which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Pet Shop

We sell various animal accessories, food, animal cages, and others.


Animals are washed and cleaned before the Farewell ceremony is carried out.


We provide a room for separation services for pets, before the Bio-Cremation process is carried out.

Waiting Room

We provide a comfortable waiting room for grieving families.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is an alternative method to release your pet in a loving and environmentally friendly manner compared to other cremation methods.

100% Environmentally friendly
75% Less Carbon Footprint
85% Cremation ashes