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15 to 30 minutes to see your pet’s last time, depending on the type of package selected.

Our pick-up service is available from 09.00-21.00 and within a range of 40 km. Outside these hours and above the range of 40 km an additional fee will be charged.


Aquamation is a revolutionary and most environmentally friendly pet Bio-Cremation technology. In this process, water and alkali are used to accelerate the natural decomposition of the animal’s body, which results in a cleaner end result and provides a more meaningful last respect for the pet.

Compared to conventional methods, Aquamation is safer and more environmentally friendly, thus providing the best option for seeing off pets in the most special way.

Operational Process

1. Contact us on WhatsApp number 0811 888 111 70 to arrange a pick-up schedule and the type of service you want.

2. Pick-up available 24 hours with a maximum distance of 40 km from our place. Over a distance of 40 km an additional fee will be charged.

3. Your pet will be bathed by us.

4. Your pet will be placed in a cooling facility for temporary storage.

5. Family and friends can come together to say goodbye.

6. We do the bio-cremation process separately for each animal. In addition, the Bio-Cremation process is always under supervision to ensure that the procedure is handled property.

7. We provide delivery services for cremation ashes or you can choose to return them to nature.