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Admin / 13 – December -2023 – 5 Most Expensive Songbirds in Indonesia

Songbirds worth the price of a house? Yup, there are several species of songbirds that have been bid up to hundreds of millions and even billions.

With so many songbird competitions in Indonesia, many songbird hobbyists are competing to enter their birds as winners. This will give the owner pride in being a champion, and can even be a profitable investment because there will be many fantastic offers.

Here are five of the most expensive songbirds in Indonesia that you might want to buy as a hobby or investment. What are they?

1. Murai Batu

Murai Batu is one of the most popular and most expensive songbirds in Indonesia. This bird is dubbed the king of songbirds because it has a very melodious chirping sound with a wide variety of sounds.

Murai Batu birds have their natural habitat in Java, Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia. The price of a Batu Murai bird can vary greatly, according to the quality of its voice and its flying hours, the more often it wins chirping competitions at bird contests, the higher the price will be.

Usually for the price of Murai Batu that does not yet have quality, the price is around IDR 2 million. While for Murai Batu champions who have won the contest the price starts from Rp50 million to Rp1 billion. There have even been Stone Murai Batu birds in Indonesia that were bid at a very fantastic price of IDR 2 billion.

2. Cucak Ijo

In every birdsong contest, Cucak Ijo is a bird that is always crowded with participants. This bird, which has a dominant light green feather color, has a price in the range of Rp1 – 2 million.

But if it has often won many birdsong contests, the price will soar, even the price can reach Rp100 million.

3. Cucak Rowo

Cucak Rowo has a fairly ordinary appearance, but it turns out that this bird is often a favorite among songbird hobbyists in Indonesia. Its chirping which has a very beautiful rhythm makes many hobbyists hooked on it.

For the price of ordinary Cucak Rowo has a price range from IDR 2 million to IDR 5 million. Meanwhile, for those that have won a chirping contest the price can sell up to Rp25 million.

4. Love Bird

Love birds are endemic to Africa, but they are very popular among songbird hobbyists in Indonesia.

Not only does it have a beautiful appearance and beautiful feather colors, the voice of the Love Bird is fairly loud and has a beautiful rhythm so it is much loved by songbird lovers.

For the price of ordinary Love Bird that has not been trained is still affordable with a price range of Rp100 thousand, but if it has won many contests the price can reach Rp10 million.

However, there are several species of Love Bird that are priced up to Rp30 million if the flying hours are high and always win the race, there has even been a Love Bird in Indonesia that was bought at a price of Rp600 million.

5. Kacer Bird

Kacer Bird or Jalak Poci is often referred to as a copycat bird. That is because this bird has the ability to imitate the chirping of other birds. The character of this bird’s chirping is loud so that this bird is the flagship of every birdsong competition.

The price of an ordinary Kacer bird is Rp500 thousand to Rp1 million. However, for Kacer champions who often win chirping competitions can be valued up to tens of millions.