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Rabbits, as four-legged mammals, are cute and cuddly, making them a popular choice as pets. Apart from being loyal companions, rabbits are also utilized for their fur and meat.

There are various types of rabbits, most of which originate from overseas, although there are some native to Indonesia, such as the Javanese Rabbit and the Sumatran Rabbit.

1. Javanese Rabbit

The Javanese rabbit (Lepus Nigricollis) finds its natural habitat in forests or savannas with rocks. Although the Javanese rabbit used to be found in forest areas in West Java, it is now an endangered species according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

However, a number of breeders are now keeping Javanese rabbits, although their breed purity status is not clear. These rabbits are generally bred for use as meat rabbits. Some Javanese rabbits are also bred with imported rabbit breeds.

Javanese Rabbit Characteristics:

  • Blackish fur on the neck and nape.
  • White striped fur on the ears and forehead.
  • Medium to large body size with an average adult weight of about 6 kilograms.
  • The legs are long.
2. Sumatran Rabbit

The Sumatran rabbit (Nesolagus Netscheri) is a local rabbit breed native to Indonesia that can only be found in the Bukit Barisan Mountains of Sumatra. Unfortunately, this rabbit is also facing the threat of extinction due to illegal logging.

Sumatran rabbits are nocturnal, active only at night, and are often difficult to find in the wild. Some of the image’s circulating are from camera traps set up at specific points in the forest.

Sumatran Rabbit Characteristics:

  • Light brown fur.
  • The face and back have a striped dark brown color.
  • The tail is red and short.
  • The underside (belly) of the fur is white.