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Admin / 20 November -2023 – 5 Smartest Dog Breed

Dogs, man’s loyal companions, have extraordinary intelligence. According to The Intelligence of Dogs, there are five dog breeds that stand out with their own intelligence and uniqueness. Let’s explore the wonders of each dog breed!

1. Border Collie: The Genius Canine

Border Collies are known as the smartest dog breed in the world. Not only are they intelligent, but they are also good at communicating with humans. A clear example of this intelligence is Chaser, a Border Collie who can recognize up to 1,000 words, making him the smartest dog in the world.

2. Poodle: The Elegant Scholar

The Poodle, an elegant dog breed from France, is famous not only for its beauty but also its intelligence. During wartime, Poodles were used for the critical task of delivering supplies on the battlefield. This job required high focus, quick decision-making, and exceptional learning ability.

3. German Shepherd: The Protector with Brains

German Shepherds have a high level of intelligence and exceptional focus. They can quickly learn new commands, plus they have a protective instinct towards their neighbors and owners. Hence, this breed is often chosen as a police and guard dog.

4. Golden Retriever: The Faithful Learner

The intelligence of Golden Retrievers lies not only in their brains, but also in their obedience to their owners’ commands. Always reliable in a variety of situations, the Golden Retriever is a faithful companion in hunting and is often deployed in search and rescue operations.

5. Doberman Pinscher: The Fearless Athlete

Known for their fearlessness, speed, and incredible stamina, Doberman Pinschers are often used as police and guard dogs. Their excellence is also seen in their ability to take training very well.


Each of these dog breeds has not only been a loyal friend to humans but also proved their intelligence in various situations. This is clear proof that the wonders of the canine world are limitless!