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Admin / 27 -September -2023 – How to Care for a Newborn Puppy

Newborn puppies are vulnerable creatures and require extra attention. To ensure that they grow up healthy and strong, you need to provide good care. In this guide, we will provide information on how to properly care for a newborn puppy.

1. Set a Comfortable Temperature

Newborn puppies are very susceptible to temperature changes. Make sure they are in a warm environment, with the temperature around 32-35 degrees Celsius. You can use a heat lamp or a warm blanket to keep the temperature in their bed stable. Always keep an eye on the ambient temperature and make sure the puppy stays comfortable.

2. Food

Newborn puppies will suckle on their mother in the first few hours after birth. If you have puppies that need to be cared for separately, you will need to feed them milk replacers designed specifically for puppies. Consult a veterinarian or specialist for proper recommendations on the appropriate brand and type of milk replacer.

3. Feeding Frequency

Puppies should be fed about every two hours for the first few weeks of their lives. This is because their stomachs are small and cannot accommodate a lot of food at once. Also, make sure to use a feeding bottle or feeding device designed specifically for puppies.

4. Toilet Stimulation

Newborn puppies also need help relieving themselves. After each feeding, you should gently stimulate them to relieve themselves using a warm cloth or soft cotton. This is important to keep their digestive tract functioning properly.

5. Cleanliness

Ensure that the puppy’s bed is always clean and dry. Change the sheets or newspapers they sleep on regularly. Gently cleaning them with a warm cloth after they relieve themselves is also important to keep them clean.

6. Attention and Development

Besides the physical aspects, puppies also need attention and mental stimulation. Try to spend time with them, play gently, and give affection. This will help in their social and emotional development.

7. Visit to the Veterinarian

It is important to schedule your first visit to the vet as soon as your puppy is born. The vet will provide advice on further care, vaccinations, and necessary health treatments.

Remember that caring for a newborn puppy is a big responsibility. You must be prepared to give them extra attention and time to ensure their health and well-being. If you have any questions or concerns, always consult a veterinarian who can provide guidance specific to your situation. With good care, your puppy will grow into a healthy and happy dog.