Dive into the Beauty of 10 Exotic Arowana Fish, with Some Valued at 6 Billion Rupiahs

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The Arowana fish is one of the primitive freshwater fish that is still commonly found today. Although it belongs to the predator category, its popularity as a pet is high due to its exotic appearance.

Arowana fish originate from many different regions, resulting in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. Some of the Arowana species often kept in Indonesia originate from South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa, while some are native to Indonesia, especially from Kalimantan and Papua.

The high interest in Arowana fish has made the price of these fish vary, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah, depending on the type and color of the pattern.

In this article, we will discuss some of the popular Arowana fish species in Indonesia.

Origin of the Arowana Fish

The Arowana fish is a member of the Osteoglossidae family and is a freshwater fish that has existed throughout the world, from Asia, Africa, and Australia, to South America. According to one study, Arowana fish have existed on Earth since at least 220 million years ago. Indonesia is also one of the centers of the spread of Arowana fish.

Arowana fish come in a variety of colors, including green, red, gold, and silver. Apart from having exotic colors, Arowana fish are often in demand because they are considered a symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Varieties of Arowana Fish

1. Super Red Arowana

Super Red Arowana fish originate from Indonesia, especially from West Kalimantan Province, such as the Kapuas River and Lake Sentarum. Super Red Arowana is divided into four varieties, namely blood red (Blood Red), chili red (Chilli Red), orange-red (Orange Red), and golden red (Golden Red). In general, there are two varieties called Super Red or First Grade, namely chili red and blood red, which of course have a higher price.

2. Golden Arowana

A popular type of Golden Arowana comes from Malaysia, and these fish are found in various locations such as Penang, Perak, Terengganu, Bukit Merah Lake, and Johor. Some varieties of Golden Arowana include Black Golden and Cross Back Golden. The Black Golden is the most expensive variety due to its rarity, including in its native Penang, Malaysia.

The Black Golden Arowana has a black base color with gold-colored holes scattered throughout its body, which makes this fish look more exotic. The Crossback Golden Arowana has a bright golden color that covers its entire body to the back.

3. Golden Red Arowana (Red Tail Golden)

This is another variety of Golden Arowana originating from Indonesia and is often referred to as Indonesian Golden Arowana. This variety comes from the Mahato area, Riau. The golden color in this variety does not pass through the back, only reaching the fourth row of sides (counting from the belly), and has a striking red color on the fins and tail.

4. Green Arowana

Green Arowana can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and some parts of Indonesia. Variations in appearance and coloration may vary from region to region. However, in general, this fish tends to be gray-green in color with a dark striped pattern on its tail. Its head and mouth are larger and more rounded compared to other Asian Arowana species.

5. Silver Arowana / Brazilian Arowana

Silver Arowana or Brazilian Arowana has a shiny greenish-silver color, with a long body and fins that are also long, starting from the middle of the body to the tip of the tail, giving a very elegant impression when swimming. This species originates from South America and is currently available for breeding in Indonesia.

6. Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana is one of the most beautiful and expensive varieties of Arowana fish. Its price can reach up to USD 430,000 or around Rp6 billion. Platinum Arowana originates from South America and is very expensive because it has platinum-colored or shiny white scales with a smooth surface. This color comes from a rare genetic mutation.

Platinum Arowana may appear similar to Silver Arowana at first glance, but the difference lies in its very white body color and has no other color patches. This is due to a genetic mutation that is rare among arowana fish species. The color of its scales is very clean without any other color mixing in. This is what makes this fish one of the most expensive fish in the world.

7. Irian Arowana (Jardini)

The Jardini Arowana has a wide range of base colors, from black to brownish brown, with golden yellow spots in the center of its scales. These yellow spots can even be found on the head (cheeks) as well as on the fins and tail. Although originally from Australia, the Jardini Arowana is often found on Irian Island, so it is sometimes referred to as the Irian Arowana by fish enthusiasts. There are two main types of colors in the Jardini Arowana, the darker base color and the lighter color.

8. Black Arowana

The Black Arowana is a relative of the Silver Arowana with silver coloration all over the body, except for the tail which is black. As the Black Arowana matures, the black color on its tail will fade over time.

9. Banjar Arowana

Banjar Arowana can be considered as a class 2 variety of red Arowana and is not a pure strain of red Arowana. The Banjar Arowana has a pale orange fin color, an orange or yellow tail, and has no red coloration on the body or cheeks. At first glance, the Banjar Arowana may look similar to the Pink Arowana, thus sometimes confusing fish enthusiasts. The Banjar Arowana is also characterized by a head that tends to be more rounded and a less pointed mouth.

10. Batik Arowana

The Batik Arowana has a body pattern that resembles a batik pattern with predominantly bronze-colored skin, as well as a mix of silver colors. Due to its unique appearance, this type of arowana is very popular and is included in the category of fish with a fairly high price.