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Admin /01 November -2023 – The Best Bird Pets for Beginners

Birds are popular pets in Indonesia. They beautify homes and bring happiness to their owners. However, not all birds are suitable for beginners or people who are just starting out in bird care. Below, we will discuss several kinds of birds that are easy to keep:

1. Lovebirds

Lovebirds are tiny birds that attract the attention of many bird lovers with their size ranging from 13 to 17 centimeters. One characteristic that stands out is its colorful feathers, giving it its own visual appeal.

Another unique feature of lovebirds is their highly social behavior. They tend to live in pairs, and this relationship is so strong that they will grieve if one of their partners dies. In addition, Lovebirds have quite prominent vocal abilities, so they are often trained to participate in songbird competitions or Lovebird beauty contests. In addition, Lovebirds also have the potential to be taught various interesting attractions.

Lovebird care includes feeding quality food, giving fresh water regularly, and providing entertaining toys to avoid boredom. By paying attention to these needs, we can ensure that our Lovebird stays healthy, and becomes a pleasant companion in the house.

2. Canaries

Canaries are one of the best choices, especially for beginners who want to start keeping birds. One of their main attractions is that they are good at mimicking the sounds of other birds. It is also referred to as a songbird.

In addition to the charm of its melodious voice, the canary also captivates with its variety of colors and beautiful feather patterns. There are Canaries with bright yellow, red, green, and even unique color combinations. These variations provide an aesthetic touch that enhances the environment in which they live.

Feeding high-quality and nutritionally balanced food to Canaries is very important. In addition, a clean and large enough cage is necessary for them to move freely and feel comfortable. During care, you also have the opportunity to train the canary to improve its singing ability. With consistent practice, the Canary can produce increasingly melodious melodies, which will entertain us.

3. Parrot

Parrots are one of the most exotic birds, making them a favorite among bird lovers. One of the main attractions of Parrots is the bright colors of their feathers that will dazzle our eyes. They come in a variety of feather colors, ranging from fiery red, emerald green, bright blue, to other exotic colors that make them an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Another thing that makes parrots special among bird lovers is that they have interesting personalities, are playful, and love to interact with humans. The parrot’s ability to communicate and respond to human interaction makes them a very pleasant companion.

To take good care of parrots, owners must ensure a balanced and high-quality diet. A spacious and secure cage is essential for parrots to feel comfortable. In addition, Nuri also need the opportunity to fly and play outside their cage. Adequate space helps keep them fit and happy.

4. Long Tailed Shrike

The Long Tailed Shrike is an intelligent and active bird known for its melodious chirping. Their chirping often mesmerizes and captivates listeners. Because of the charm of their voice, Long Tailed Shrike is often used as a prima donna in birdsong competitions.

Although they are intelligent and have exceptional vocal talents, the care of Long Tailed Shrike requires special attention. Providing a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs is essential. A large enough and secure cage is also required to provide adequate space for movement. In addition, opportunities for flight and exercise are important elements in maintaining the health and happiness of Long Tailed Shrike.

5. Parakeets

Parakeets, with their friendly and playful personalities, are an interesting choice. Although they are small, parakeets are quick to get along and love interacting with humans. They often become loyal friends to their owners and form close relationships.

Parakeets are also known for their bright, variegated plumage that is eye-catching. This beautiful plumage gives them a special visual appeal. Not only that, they have a long tail that is a distinctive feature, adding to their charm.

In caring for parakeets, it is important to provide a cage that is large enough and secure. They need room to move and fly to stay healthy and happy. To keep them from getting bored, providing toys is a must. This will provide entertainment and maintain their intelligence.