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Admin / 08 – November -2023 – What Can We Do When Our Cat Dies?

Losing a beloved cat is a very sad moment in our lives. How do we properly take care of the remains of our beloved cats and honor those who have been an important part of our lives is a question that often arises.

Environmentally Friendly Cremation Options

In Indonesia, the practice of in-ground burial is still common, but in a big city like Jakarta, finding suitable land for the burial of a beloved pet can be quite a challenge, especially for those who may live in dense neighborhoods or vertical housing.

However, there is a solution that can provide a special tribute to your beloved cat: Bio-Cremation (Aquamation). Bio-cremation is an environmentally friendly cremation process that offers a more natural approach.

Bio-Cremation: A Special Tribute

During the bio-cremation process, the animal’s remains are placed in a container made of stainless steel. This container is then placed in temperature-controlled water, as well as a certain pressure that creates a controlled environment. The natural decomposition process will occur faster under these conditions, and what remains are the bones of the animal which will then be turned into ashes.

This approach allows you to feel that your beloved cat is returning to nature in a more natural and proper way. Bio-cremation is an excellent solution to honor and care for the remains of a beloved pet in a more environmentally friendly way.

Pet To Nature Indonesia: A Trusted Service

Pet To Nature Indonesia, a company based in Jakarta, presents the first bio-cremation service in Indonesia. We not only provide bio-cremation services, but also a wide range of services for your cat’s remains. Our services include:

  • 24-hour pick-up: We provide a 24-hour pick-up service, FREE of charge.
  • Grooming Service: We make sure your furry friend is clean, tidy, smelling good, and looking their best for their last special moment with you.
  • Farewell Service: A special service for you to celebrate the love, affection, and togetherness of your pet in your life for the last time before his departure.

Contact Pet To Nature Indonesia to create the best farewell moment you want when your beloved cat passes away!